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Steve is a person that gets things done. He does this by combining his ability to develop strong personal relationships with a strong background in information technology, technology integration, strategic and tactical planning, information technology operations, and facility operations. Often described as the guy that “glues people together to get things done”, Steve either knows what to do, or knows who to go to and is never afraid to ask for help to ensure a successful outcome.

Mike Dalton, VP of Operations

Mike is another person that excels at getting things done. More importantly, Mike gets things built. He does this by combining his vast expertise and experience to define project goals, milestones and deliverables. Mike has charm and charisma to spare and makes the stakeholders, project owners, customers feel reassured and confident that the outcomes will be well done.

Friends of Velocity Data Centers.

We are also supported by a vast network of friends that include CPA’s, engineers, business leaders, industry experts, sales professionals, operations experts and so on. We benefit from their guidance, mentorship, advice and support. Their support is gratuitous and provided because they believe in our vision, they believe in our capability and they believe in us as people.