Your Challenges and Our Solutions

Private Cloud Computing

Grow Revenue / Repurpose space for primary operations

“Big Data” (a.k.a. data analytics)

Research computing. Compute Clouds

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance

Regulatory Compliance


Private Cloud Computing (sharing is not allowed)

The simple truth is a private cloud is not private if it shares the facility, network, servers, storage or any other aspect of the data center with 1 or more tenants.

The only way to have a truly private cloud is to own the facilities, own the equipment and not share with other tenants of the data center.

You OWN your cloud, not rent it from someone else. 

You CONTROL your cloud, not rely on an SLA and ticket to get work done. 

You SECURE your cloud in alignment with business requirements. 

Your cloud is a REAL CLOUD, operating simultaneously from multiple data centers…not from a single location.

Grow Revenue / Re-purpose space for primary operations

Operating a data center is not core to your business operation, but a requirement.

When the data center was built, conventional wisdom placed it inside the main facility. This is what we always did…

You INCREASE REVENUE by getting the data center out of the main facility.

You REPURPOSE that space to primary business operations.

You OPERATE MORE EFFICIENT by replacing that worn out & old data center.


“Big Data” (a.k.a. data analytics)

You have a CRM, ERP, EHR, or other high value computerized system that is core to your operation.

You would like to mine the data in your database for insight, information, market opportunities.

How many copies of that database do you need? 10-12?

We help you SAVE MONEY by placing the data analytics systems in lower cost data center preserving your high value premium data center space for production operations.

Research computing. Compute Clouds. Rogue IT

You need to provide research capability to your researchers.  You can't do it in your run out data center.

They need more power then you can provide.

Guess where they go?

In the best scenario, they go rogue and use that empty office to build their research computing.

The scary scenario...that's right, the public cloud....pushing up data out of your control.

You need HELP getting their needs met faster.

You need to DEPLOY thousands of compute cores quickly before they go rogue.

You can PROVIDE this at a cost per core well below other solutions.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance

Do you have a solution?

Does it work?

You need to INSURE your production systems by operating backup data centers.

You need a PLAN for the future and as applications become more sophisticated, they can operate in your private cloud.

You need to COMPLY with insurance requirements, regulatory requirements and business objectives.

You can OWN your disaster recovery readiness for peace of mind.

Regulatory Compliance

You have to maintain electronic records for a long time.

You need control and security of those records, just like when they were paper based.

Will your co-location provider still be around in 10 years?

You need to SECURE those electronic archival systems in a bullet proof, hurricane proof structure.

You need to SAVE MONEY by placing these compliance systems in a lower cost (yet robust) data center solution

You can COMPLY